About us

At Rye Law Firm, we are committed to providing excellent client-focused representation in all legal matters. Representatives at Rye Law have extensive experience in Family & Immigration law. The firm is dedicated to each client’s case and work efficiently to achieve client success.

Our principal legal representative Amanpreet Rye was called to the Bar in 2011 and has extensive experience in working through all areas of Immigration and Family Law.

His diverse background in working with both impoverished demographics and major corporations allows him to assist clients from all walks of life.



What we can help you with

Family Law

Here at Rye Law, We deal in all matters including but not limited to Divorce and Separation, Domestic Violence, and Child Custody. We help in resolving all types of family disputes in a fair, respectful, and punctual manner.

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Immigration Law

Lawyers at Rye Law have more than 10 Years of extensive experience in all matters relating to Immigration and Refugee law. From Filling a Business immigration application to appeals at the refugee board, we got it all covered.

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Other Services

At Rye Law, we offer other Services like Small claims court matters, Residential and Tenancy Board matters, and Quasi Criminal Matter like Driving offenses.

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What our clients say?

“I highly recommend Mr. Rye to anyone looking for an Immigration Lawyer. He completed my application for permanent residence as a skilled worker which was a complicated situation. Thank you!”


“Amanpreet Rye is a very knowledgeable and caring lawyer. He helped me in my case against the Children’s Aid Society, and reunited me with my daughter. I am forever thankful to Mr. Rye and the service he provided me.”


“Mr. Rye represented me in my child protection proceedings in Brampton with the Peel Children’s Aid Society. He was able to successfully have my child returned to my care, and I recommend Mr. Rye to anyone seeking help with child protection cases ”


I was taken to immigration detention due to a lapse in my legal status in Canada, for reasons that were out of my control. Rick Rye was referred by the legal aid immigration centre as a lawyer and I am thankful I called him. Rick was diligent and attended my hearing on very short notice. He was able to coordinate a bondsperson and argued for my release. I am thankful to him and his firm and the great work they do.

Ali K

I retained Rye Law to complete my divorce and spousal support application. Rick Rye was able to secure a sizeable settlement for me, by advocating for my share of equity in the matrimonial home, in addition to a spousal support application. His strategy to draft a very strong initial application and work towards settlement allowed me to move forward in my life and secure a better future here in Canada. My case involved both immigration and family issues, and I can say that Rick is a great lawyer in both areas. High recommend him.

Seher S

My four children were taken away from me by the Children’s Aid Society. I was dealing with substance abuse, domestic abuse, and many other issues. Rick always stayed by my side and helped me in rehabilitating myself in an in-patient treatment program. It has been over two years and my children are being returned to me. Rick is not only a competent lawyer, but he truly cares and is compassionate towards his clients.


Although my case involved complex financial matters, my priority was my children. I highly recommend Rick as a family lawyer. He understands all of the issues involved in the case, and he fights for parents to be with their children. My spouse was extremely difficult and I am surprised how Rick and his firm were able to help my case go smoothly.

Harold M

I had a very troubled past and was put in jail when I retained Rick Rye for my Children’s Aid Family Case. Despite not being able to go to court at any time, Rick kept fighting for me and was able to prevent the Children’s Aid from putting my child for adoption. I am now being released and I have been given a second chance. I have retained Rick as my lawyer again to fight this new application, and I am thankful to Rick for another opportunity to fight for my child.

S. M

Rick Rye completed my Wills and Power of Attorney for myself and my husband. Him and his team were punctual, professional, and gave us the advice and comfort we needed when working on these documents. Very reliable and highly recommended.

Dorothy A

Fantastic lawyer. Never took more than a day to return my calls and always kept me regularly updated throughout my family case, which involved very complication and personal issues. He is passionate about his work and made me feel confident in dealing with the court process.

Maliha M

Amanpreet successfully fought my refugee claim for persecution I faced in Columba as an LGBTQ activist. He was truly caring and was a great lawyer in presenting my case to the refugee board. I had three different hearings in three different days, and Rick always kept me believing in my case. Today, I am a Permanent Resident in Canada. Thank you Amanpreet.

Sonia P

I recommend Rye Law as a family law firm. Rick helped me with my separation agreement, and was able to help me navigate through complex legal issues, like property division and custody, and was very reasonable in fees, and understanding of my situation. He was fast and responded to inquiries quickly. I only see bigger and better things for Rye Law in the future. Thanks!

Chantal L

My father was stuck in the United States on an existing Refugee Claim. Was consulted Rick and his firm as he came highly recommended in refugee law from my cousin. Rick gave us legal advice on my Dad’s claim and its impacts in Canada. Rick is a very knowledgeable lawyer and I recommend him for anyone trying to immigrate to Canada.

Gurdip A

Rick helped me facilitate an immigration investment involving a business entity in Canada. He has business experience and knows his immigration law. He was very honest and upfront with me about the process and costs. His associate Sahil helped me in the process as well. Thanks to both of you guys!

Tushar S

Rick has been working as an in-house counsel for our women’s abuse shelter for the past two years. He is very friendly and fights for his clients. He always makes himself accessible and I am thankful for the work him and his team do for victims of abuse.

Sandra T. - Family Life Resource Centre

Rick and his firm did my express entry application for PR in Canada. They caught an issue with my job employer’s letter, and worked with the employer to ensure that my job duties matched the requirements for my immigration application. Thank you Rick and Sahil. You both were very professional and made my application a seamless process.

Tushar S

My case involved extreme domestic violence, both by partner and family, and I was forced to live in a shelter, as an Immigrant in this country. I am thankful that I got Rick as my lawyer, who was recommended by my shelter in Brampton. He speaks my language, and never judged me or my situation. He fought for me and I now have sole custody of my child. I felt safe with Rick as my lawyer and I can move forward to give me and my daughter a better life in Canada.

R. S

I originally came to Canada as a visitor, and didn’t know what options I had to go back to my home country. I was told by many lawyers that I need to claim refugee. Although Rick thought I had a strong case, he recommended an investment route though Canada, based on certain legal holes he saw in my refugee claim. He never took extra money for me but offered me consultation over a 6 month period. I am now a landed immigrant in Canada through the entrepreneur visa program and I recommend Rick as an immigration lawyer to anyone looking to come here.

C. H.