Child Protection (Children’s Aid Society)

Ontario Children’s Aid Society Law Firm
Ontario’s children’s aid societies are largely funded based on the number of files opened. This means that the more investigations started, the more money the organizations receive. While it is important that we look into serious child abuse allegations, many families are falling victim to false complaints of child neglect and abuse from overzealous schools, doctors, vengeful former friends and other meddling parties.

At Crossley Law, we advocate on behalf of parents being wrongly investigated or unnecessarily harassed by the children’s aid society (CAS). With more than 15 years of experience in family law, Adela Crossley has a high success rate in having these damaging, unfounded cases withdrawn often without any court intervention.

If the Children’s Aid does have valid concerns within the meaning of the Child & Family Services Act, then we guide the parents to the appropriate supportive services that will help to address the concerns. We take a very hands on type of approach; we do not rely just upon the services that the Children’s Aid might offer. Rather, we find the appropriate services for the family and we advocate with Children’s Aid to get on board and work cooperatively with us. We don’t just sit back and let the C.A.S. drive the agenda. We take control where appropriate and we make sure that the C.A.S. intervention lasts only as long as is needed.